Choosing a martial arts school

20 Mar

Here he explains how to find the right martial arts school. Each studio is different, with different teaching methods and different styles. I found a place to train For me the studio is just right. But you need to check out and see what is right for you. I like how they focus on stand up fighting as well as ground fighting…. specifically BJJ.


The rear naked choke of BJJ

19 Mar

If you are really interested in learning this technique then check out this video. They do a really good explanation of the rear naked choke.

Get Him To Tap Out!

2 Apr

There are various strategies to get a man to tap out in Judo. One strategy is the joint lock that involves manipulating the opposition’s joint in this way it achieves their maximal level of movement.

Lousy techniques and execution are common. To keep this from occurring, you’ve got to pick up the mechanisms of the technique so that you understand just where to set your strength particularly most of your body-weight into one joint. In case your opposition is quite elastic your joint lock may also be unsuccessful. Some folks can bend their arms backwards to nearly 90-degree angle or contact the palm of the hands utilizing their forearms and bend their wrist backwards, although rare. Another potential reason is that the competitor features a higher tolerance for pain. This indicates that even if you should be in a position to get it done right, that man remains competent to resist it. It’s possible your opposition is psychologically deranged or on top of a drug, in case the man doesn’t appear to truly have a high tolerance for discomfort. At these times, when they don’t bow for you because they’ll be unconscious you will need to attempt another entry technique just like a chokehold.

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3 tips on proactive self defense

18 Mar

When it comes to self defense it is not always about being a martial artist. Here are 3 things you can do to help prevent being a victim:

Consistently know your alternatives. While you never desire to appear like a potential victim, you-can’t ever actually let your guard down! Also have an escape strategy in mind, if you are walking all by yourself.

Avoid locations where offenses may readily occur. Including parking lots, alleys and shadowy roads, and ill populated regions. Proceed in armed with pepper-spray, if these spots cannot be prevented for some cause, stroll fast, and spend attention from what is going on around you.

Believe in your intuition. In the event your instincts let you know that danger is near, it most likely is. Never discount your gut intuition or presume that you’re only simply being paranoid.

Classic Martial art Self Defense Weapons

21 Feb

Apart from stones, probably the most simple of weapons all through mankind’s past throughout nearly all civilizations is the long wood stick. This seems sensible given that branches had been constantly available within the woodlands as well as quickly created. The Oriental fighting styles took the lengthy wood staff and made it into an art. Quite a few martial art systems add the bo staff into their techniques. A few styles also have classic weapons katas showcasing the staff. A few systems workout with weaponry like the staff by using realistic techniques only without having to use arranged forms.

Compared with various martial art weaponry like swords, blades, kamas and chaws that happen to be short range, bo staffs are longer range weapons that have a loner reach. This allows the person to fight and also defend at a distance which is often infuriating in the mindset of the enemy who has a smaller range reach with their weapon. Lengthy range weaponry will also be useful for holding a number of attackers away. Needless to say, long range weaponry like the bo staff is not very easily hidden like short range weaponry and that makes them difficult to transport. Find more about sports and martial arts at Justins sports website


Spirit of The Samurai

11 Feb

For anyone who has been transfixed by the Samurai you will want to watch this video. It is awesome. I have always been intrigued by the Samurai!

Training For Self Defense and Fitness

21 Jan

Martial arts training come with many advantages apart from developing the self defense skills. You are able to protect yourself and those close to you in cases where you are attacked unexpectedly. On the other hand, it gives you a lot of confidence and you are able to confront any physical aggression from enemies. It is a very essential art that helps in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system while enhancing your muscle durability during weight lifting and other tasks that require muscle and concentration powers.

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