Don’t have to be a size 2 to wear fun costumes

25 Jun
English: Flag of pirate Edward England Polski:...

English: Flag of pirate Edward England Polski: Flaga pirata Edwarda England Deutsch: Flagge des Piraten Edward England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who says only regular girls can have all the fun? In times when most clothing are made for skinny women, there are a myriad of attires that plump sized ladies can also wear and enjoy. Novelty items are no different, as plus size pirate costumes are also available for our plus sized ladies.

No longer would you have to stretch and hold your breath to fit into regular sized costumes, as there are sizes available that can fit you comfortably. You can do whatever it is that regular sized people can do with this – seduce a man, play pirates for comedic effects, act in a theater, or simply fool someone into thinking you’re a real pirate. It’s countless hours of fun and enjoyment for you and everyone.

Get your plus size costumes, and many more, by going online. You need not be a supermodel to get a costume that suits you. Big folks can and will be able to have fun too with these wacky attires.


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